We are currently in the process of setting up a SNO+ virtual organisation (VO) to make use of the European Grid Infrastructure. The grid can be used as a means to distribute and store data and perform some of the CPU intensive simulation tasks. At this stage, we are testing capacity and learning how to install software and run jobs in this environment but in the future this page will contain more useful information on how to get involved. To use the grid you need a grid certificate and you need to join the SNO+ VO. We have members of the SNO+ collaboration at various european institutions that host grid sites and encourage them to recognise and support our VO (snoplus@snolab.ca):  QMUL, Oxford, Sussex, Lisbon. A link to the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid Technical Site is here and there is a news article about the SNO+ VO by GridPP - the UK particle physics grid initiative.


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