SNO+ Thesis list

Author Title Institute Year
Mark Stringer Sensitivity of SNO+ to Supernova Neutrinos University of Sussex 2018
Jack Dunger Topological and Time Based Event Classification for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in Liquid Scintillator University of Oxford 2018
Pawel Mekarski Electron Antineutrinos in Water Phase of the SNO+ Experiment University of Alberta 2018
Morgan Askins Search for Invisible Neutron Decay in SNO+ Water Phase University of California Davis 2018
Evelina Arushanova Development of a 90Y calibration source and rejection of pileup backgrounds in the SNO+ experiment Queen Mary, University of London 2018
Ashley Back Probing new physics mechanisms in neutrinoless double-beta decay with SNO+ Queen Mary, University of London 2017
Robert Stainforth Characterising the Optical Response of the SNO+ Detector University of Liverpool 2016
Logan Sibley The SNO+ liquid scintillator response to low-energy electrons and its effect on the experiment's sensitivity to a future neutrinoless double beta decay signal University of Alberta 2016
Chris Jones Future Searches of Rare Astrophysical Signals and Detector Commissioning in SNO+ University of Oxford 2016
John Walker Study of Invisible Mode Nucleon Decay in the SNO+ Detector University of Liverpool 2016
Stefanie Langrock Measurement of the Rayleigh Scattering Length and Background contributions during early data taking phases at SNO+ Queen Mary, University of London 2016
Arnd Soerensen Temperature quenching in LAB based liquid scintillator and muon-induced backgrounds in the SNO+ experiment Dresden University of Technology 2016
James Sinclair Position and Timing Calibration of SNO+ University of Sussex 2015
Krishanu Majumdar On the Measurement of Optical Scattering and Studies of Background Rejection in the SNO+ Detector University of Oxford 2015
Belina von Krosigk Measurement of proton and alpha-particle quenching in LAB based scintillators and determination of spectral sensitivities to supernova neutrinos in the SNO+ detector Dresden University of Technology 2015
Erin O'Sullivan The Development of the SNO+ Experiment: Scintillator Timing, Pulse Shape Discrimination and Sterile Neutrinos Queen's University 2014
Ian Coulter Modelling and reconstruction of events in SNO+ related to future searches for lepton and baryon number violation University of Oxford 2013
Philip Jones Background Rejection for the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiment SNO+ University of Oxford 2011
Alexander Wright Robust Signal Extraction Methods and Monte Carlo Sensitivity Studies for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory and SNO+ Experiments Queen's University 2010