SNO+ Thesis list

Author Title Institute Year
Philip Jones Background Rejection for the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiment SNO+ University of Oxford 2011
Robert Stainforth Characterising the Optical Response of the SNO+ Detector University of Liverpool 2016
Evelina Arushanova Development of a 90Y calibration source and rejection of pileup backgrounds in the SNO+ experiment Queen Mary, University of London 2018
Pawel Mekarski Electron Antineutrinos in Water Phase of the SNO+ Experiment University of Alberta 2018
Chris Jones Future Searches of Rare Astrophysical Signals and Detector Commissioning in SNO+ University of Oxford 2016
Belina von Krosigk Measurement of proton and alpha-particle quenching in LAB based scintillators and determination of spectral sensitivities to supernova neutrinos in the SNO+ detector Dresden University of Technology 2015
Stefanie Langrock Measurement of the Rayleigh Scattering Length and Background contributions during early data taking phases at SNO+ Queen Mary, University of London 2016
Ian Coulter Modelling and reconstruction of events in SNO+ related to future searches for lepton and baryon number violation University of Oxford 2013
Krishanu Majumdar On the Measurement of Optical Scattering and Studies of Background Rejection in the SNO+ Detector University of Oxford 2015
James Sinclair Position and Timing Calibration of SNO+ University of Sussex 2015
Ashley Back Probing new physics mechanisms in neutrinoless double-beta decay with SNO+ Queen Mary, University of London 2017
Alexander Wright Robust Signal Extraction Methods and Monte Carlo Sensitivity Studies for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory and SNO+ Experiments Queen's University 2010
Morgan Askins Search for Invisible Neutron Decay in SNO+ Water Phase University of California Davis 2018
Mark Stringer Sensitivity of SNO+ to Supernova Neutrinos University of Sussex 2018
John Walker Study of Invisible Mode Nucleon Decay in the SNO+ Detector University of Liverpool 2016
Arnd Soerensen Temperature quenching in LAB based liquid scintillator and muon-induced backgrounds in the SNO+ experiment Dresden University of Technology 2016
Erin O'Sullivan The Development of the SNO+ Experiment: Scintillator Timing, Pulse Shape Discrimination and Sterile Neutrinos Queen's University 2014
Logan Sibley The SNO+ liquid scintillator response to low-energy electrons and its effect on the experiment's sensitivity to a future neutrinoless double beta decay signal University of Alberta 2016
Jack Dunger Topological and Time Based Event Classification for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in Liquid Scintillator University of Oxford 2018